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Grotesque Anatomies by Seth Alverson

Houston-based painter Seth Alverson creates hauntingly grotesque studies of the human anatomy that convey deep-seated anxieties of the body and the human condition.

The Hyperrealistic Madness of Istvan Nyari

Istvan Nyari is an artist based in London and Budapest. His acrylic paintings depict a surreal, dark world where hyperrealistically-depicted dolls, toddlers, toys and people, struggle to interact with each other.

Loneliness, fear and strenght. The Art of Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson was born in 1979 in Elko, Nevada. He currently lives and works in Houston. Many years ago already, difficulties with drugs and alcohol plagued his life and led to an arrest and the loss of his job. While in a drug/alcohol treatment facility, Kevin rediscovered his love and passion for creating art. He decided to pursue this passion after completion of the treatment program. Kevin has been sober since July 30, 2005 and has been immersed…

Angels blowing bubbles by Arthur Berzinsh

Arthur Berzinsh (b.1983) is painter from Riga, Latvia. "Maybe for detached observer my creative work may seem like some kind of delirium of drunk angels, but actually each work of art I create contains a relevation, which partly is hidden, but other it's parts gets denuded before the viewer. It's such a marginal twilight world which I fill with my metaphors, and then I build these images on them like on frameworks." --A. Berzinsh

The gothic surreal art of Zdzisław Beksiński

During his long career Zdzisław Beksiński (1929-2005) worked in many fields of art: sculpture, photography, graphic art, drawing, and last but not least, painting. All of Beksiński’s paintings are untitled – he wanted to avoid any metaphorical interpretation of his paintings.

The controversial and outstanding painter Balthus

Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, best known as Balthus (1908-2001), was an esteemed and controversial Polish-French modern artist. Throughout his career, Balthus rejected the usual conventions of the art world. Balthus’s great talent as a painter was to make a body appear simultaneously slight and solid, a trick he learned from Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca’s columnar virgins and angels. The paintings on display are masterpieces of troubling beauty painted in a style that Balthus called 'timeless realism.'

Translucent Paint Layers Capture the Energy of Ocean Waves

Cambridge-based visual artist Lia Melia creates strikingly energetic paintings where curling and crashing ocean waves splash and splatter across the canvas. Having grown up near the sea, that is where artist Lia Melia continues to find her inspiration. "The seas moods can always express my deepest feelings," she explains.